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Acute Care Advice

The ED4GP telehealth pilot was conducted between 2018-2020.
It provided real-time specialist video telehealth consultations for patients presenting with acute clinical presentations to GP clinics.

The ED4GP service achieved the following important outcomes:

  • Significantly improved quality and safety of acute patient care at GP practices
  • Hospital Avoidance:

    Assessment by our specialists heavily reduced referral rates to hospital. This saved time, travel costs and unnecessary testing and admission for patients, while reducing the load on overflowing Emergency Departments and saving substantial costs for the health system.

  • Collegiate real-time support for GPs practicing in regional and remote locations to assist with GP retention.

For GPs, we highly recommend you utilise our free Acute Care Guidelines. This site provides a wealth of resources to assist clinicians dealing with patients presenting with Acute, Sub-Acute and “Acute on Chronic” clinical presentations. This includes COVID-19 Resources!

With government or other financial support, the service can be easily reactivated to supply any region of Australia and produce widespread benefits for patients, GPs and the health system.

Please use our Contact Page if you would like:

  • More information about the service
  • Advice and training in the most effective, efficient and safe methods and technologies required to establish telehealth services, particularly in regards to acute or urgent care
  • Or to make contact for any other reason:

Transform Medical provides the following Acute Care services:

Acute Care Guidelines

Clinical guidelines to assist doctors in a range of Acute Care environments such as in ED, the GP clinic, Urgent Care and in the field.

Acute Care Education

We provide training sessions for clinicians to help them manage difficult acute patient presentations and emergencies that present in diverse clinical environments, including hospitals, GP clinics and “in the field”.